Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Install and run Atom

It took me a while to get Atom (the editor) running on my chromebook, it turned out the solution was simple. The solution is actually not in the setup but in the startup of Atom from the command prompt in the chroot.


The installation progresses as usual. There is a source for installing on ubuntu trusty here: Alternatively you can download de deb file from and install with sudo dpkg -i atom.atom64.deb, or whatever name the downloaded package has from the command prompt after you have entered the chroot (from the crosh first shell and then enter-chroot).

You can know open atom from within your graphical interface, if installed, but it was more tricky to start it with xiwi. Atom, when startting from the command line, expects to be able to read the directory and apparantly has more than one mode. 

Run in a browser tab

So to start Atom in a browser window, go to the directory that you want to edit (that means you have the rights to do that as well) and then issue the command:

xiwi -T atom -f .

from you chroot. The -f option signals to atom to run in the foreground, the . (dot) tells atom to open the current directory for editing.